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Travelex is one of the market leading specialist providers of foreign exchange, with over 45 years experience serving millions of customers.

Travelers Like You Trust Travelex

900 ATMs Around the World

900 ATMs Around the World

1100 Stores in 20 Countries

1100 Stores in 20 Countries

Trusted by Customers Around the World

We are one of the market leading specialist provider of foreign exchange. Founded in 1976 and differentiated by our brand and market footprint, over the past 45 years we have built a network of foreign exchange stores and developed Travelex as a trusted and widely recognised brand in international money. Our vision is to simplify our customers’ access to international money, however and whenever.

Our business operates across over 20 countries and covers the entire value chain of the retail foreign exchange industry. In our retail business, we operate over 1,100 stores in the some of the world’s top international airports by international passenger numbers and in major transport hubs, premium shopping malls, high street locations, supermarkets and city centres. We have a growing network of over 900 ATMs at both on-airport and off-airport locations around the world.

Opportunities for Partnership

In addition to offering foreign currency services direct to retail customers, Travelex also works with a range of business partners to offer foreign currency services to their customers. It has long-term strategic relationships with a number of airport operators, retailers, travel agents and financial institutions to provide them with retail foreign exchange, outsourcing and wholesale banknote solutions. One of Travelex's core values is 'setting the gold standard' and it works with regulators across the world to set the highest standards of integrity within foreign exchange.

If you would like to partner with us, send us an email on metbd@travelex.com

Travelex Business Cash

Travelex Business Cash is delivered in three modules, all of which are made possible through our vast global infrastructure and distribution network.

Cash Services is our white-label travel money offer for businesses and banks looking to use foreign exchange to boost revenue and customer relationships. Today, we work with supermarkets, financial institutions, travel agents and more to help them maximise the value of their customer base.

Cash Management is our foreign exchange and currency service for casinos, hotels, airlines, pawnbrokers, the maritime industry, travel agents and banks.

Cash Network is our service for the wholesale provision and seamless, secure delivery of cash to locations around the world. Cash Network is built on decades of experience, global expertise, a well-supported international supply chain, and long-standing relationships with the most-trusted financial institutions in the world.

If you have any questions on Travelex Business Cash, send us an email on metbd@travelex.com